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We miss Kelly. We miss her humor, her beauty and her honestly, but most of all, we miss her determination to save other women from the suffering of cervical cancer. She was outraged by what happened to her. She didn't want anyone else to go through it too. Kelly became an advocate for cervical cancer awareness for every other woman who might someday receive the same diagnosis. This is why she let us into her life's most intimate moments. This is how she became a national voice for cervical cancer awareness in just a matter of months. We can only imagine what she could accomplish today if she were still with us.


Kelly is gone, but her mission lives on as her story continues to raise awareness about HPV and cervical cancer. Hundreds of viewers have told us that this film changed their life. 


We wanted to do something special to celebrate Kelly's life and legacy on what would be her 35th birthday. So please join the thunderclap campaign (it's free!) and on July 22nd, let's share her story together with one voice!


During the month of July, we are making the full-length film available for purchase for just $1, making this the very best time to let your friends know about Someone You Love. Help Kelly's mission continue to grow and save lives by adding your voice to hers. 


Thank you!


Frederic Lumiere

Director/Kelly's friend

Watch Kelly's Message

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